About the Institute

The Law Institute of the University of Iceland is a scientific research institute operated by the University of Iceland, through the Faculty of Law.

In accordance with Article 2 of the Institute's rules, its primary objectives include:

  • Improving the integration of research and teaching, and coordinating legal research activities at the University of Iceland.
  • Supporting scientific practice in teaching and training, and providing research facilities and equipment to postgraduate students to the extent possible.
  • Encouraging collaboration with both domestic and foreign legal research institutions, and fostering strong connections with the global professional and social community.
  • Undertaking legal service projects.
  • Disseminating and presenting research findings in the field of law.
  • Offering guidance and advice on legal matters.
  • Providing legal courses and lectures.
  • Collecting, preserving, and making available data for scientific research purposes.

The Institute has been operated since 1974 and now operates under rules from 2010.

Rules for the Law institute of the University of Iceland, in Icelandic.